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Phoning it in

"but they are of a much lower volume than many had expected."

Why would they do their best work? If they fail, then Luschenko fails too, Putin fails too, Putin *falls*, and Luschenko *falls* with him, so why try so hard? You get that people in a dictatorship know the propaganda is propaganda right? They just think *other*people* are fooled, so they go along with it, so as not to get trouble themselves.

The whole game of a dictator is to keep enough people uncertain about others, that they all acquiesce.

Nobody is fooled now. Nobody. Putin is weak. Russia cannot defend itself, Belarussia cannot save them. Imagine even *needing* Belarussia's help! They're stuck in a 40 mile traffic jam without air superiority with decaying old vehicles, short on fuel, spares, and breaking down block their own convoy! Russia doesn't even control its own airspace, over its own land.

I'd say the same to Fox News writers, why try so hard? Why try to sell Putin, why try so hard to demoralized the US, NATO and its ally Ukraine? Why try so hard to divide America and weaken it? Why spend so much effort trying to promote Putin? Why give aid and comfort to America's enemies?

For what? Russia a shithole, Belarussia is worse, and you don't want to live like that! The rewards Tucker Carlson gets, won't be *your* rewards! That 'woke-free' fictional paradise you write about, you know doesn't exist.

So phone it in.

At some point, Putin will start using human shields for its army, and Tucker will find the cutest, more lucid charismatic, little Ukrainian girl, and interview her. Get her name, her age, her mommy's name, her hopes and dreams. He'll make her as *human* as possible, so boss Putin's human shield can be as *strong* as possible. A human shield is made of human empathy, and Tucker will try to make that shield as strong as possible... "she could be *your* child, *your* little girl" Tucker will say, as he describes troops as if they're monsters for attacking invading military targets.

Each time the west attacks a Russian military target, Tucker will remind you of the human shield they have. He'll remind you of the little girl. He'll remind you he has kids himself, claim he 'shares' your empathy. He'll replay the little girl interview, as if she's dying *over* and *over* and *over* and *over* and *over* again. He'll do his fake sad face, and ask contrived questions he, or rather *you* wrote. *Your* words from *his* mouth to support *his* lies. He'll try to make everyone regret ever attacking Russian military targets, ever attacking boss Putin.

So why try so hard? Why write those lines? Why try to demoralize your own allies? Why try to give your best?

Why acquiesce?

Russia, It's a shit-hole. The picture you paint of Russia as all happy and contented, woke-free gay-free, all white-skinned, unanimously supporting their glorious leader, Putin, a leader American's are supposed to follow, that's *not* *real*. That's the conservative fiction, a fiction *you* write.

So don't write it.

You wouldn't want to live in a US version of 'Belarussia', with a President Tucker, so don't help make that happen.

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