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Ukraine invasion may hit chip supply chain – analysts

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The illusions of competition... Really the only differentiator between the small suppliers is what degree of insurance and hedging they had against price rises. Centrica can afford to borrow big loans to cover it's shortfalls.

Jack and Jill gas supplying 5000 customers can't.

The absolute failure of the free market to manage risk actually plays into the hands of rich gits with money, because those rich gits profit off the price spike. The free market conspires against tools that would hedge against price spikes. Centrica didn't renew the Rough storage facilities capability for insance.

More than ever, we need a return to the CEGB and a modicum of central planning. Rather than this nonsense free-for-all that benefits a few wealthy London traders.

Yes, yes, CEGB couldn't stop Vlad from his quest. But it would cut out the thieving middlemen. We might even have plans that look more than 5 years ahead on how to get

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