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And nowadays such guaranteed radical and irreversible revolutionary change, so sweet and exotic, adorable and unpredictable is well enough recognised to be realised as both worrying or terrifying at one extreme by those who dabble and swim in such streams as part and parcel of their day job parrying 0days. And although not publicly admitted, the fights against its progress in order to retain and maintain traditional inherited command and elite exclusive executive control of passed down historical status quo power and energy systems, is a constant failing struggle against surreal phantom enemies akin to universal virtual forces provided and supplying immaculately resourced assets from and into myriad engaging fields of vital endeavour and cooperative succour ...... which is also a view echoed by another whom y'all might fully expect and hope to know more than just a little about WTF is going on ....

Furthermore, we live in a world transformed by digital connectivity, and stand on the cusp of revolutionary advances in technology which will affect the manner in which we live and work in ways we cannot fully foresee.

Advances in quantum engineering and engineered biology will change entire industries. The huge volumes of data now available across the globe, combined with ever increasing computer power and advances in data science, will mean the integration of artificial intelligence, AI, into almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Others would speak to you about the benefits associated with these new discoveries… and they are myriad. But I am paid to look at the threat side of the ledger. MI6 deals with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. And the ‘digital attack surface’ that criminals, terrorists and hostile states threats seek to exploit against us is growing exponentially. ..... HUMAN INTELLIGENCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE ..SIS/MI6 Chief, Richard Moore 30 Nov 2021

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