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I wouldn't mind that

I wouldn't mind that. A cell phone company that "sweats the assets" a little longer so you could have a lower phone bill.

Verizon Wireless (historically CDMA-based) and AT&T(historically GSM-based) keep up on their technology, they both had LTE+VoLTE all rolled out by 7 or 8 years ago but you do pay for it.

The rural CDMA carriers rapidly adopted LTE too... EVDO wasn't bad capacity-wise (12.4mbps in 5mhz) but it used 1.25mhz channels so max speed was 3.1mbps. If you want to offer some wireless broadband and such, that 50-100mbps LTE looks like a real nice upgrade to get up quick then. The GSM-based carriers had the option of sweating the 3G assets, even 14.4mbps max speed is not shabby, and they could run DC-HSPA+ 42mbps if they wanted.

T-Mobile did it but was smart about it and it's worked out pretty well for them. They had loads of rural GSM/EDGE 2G, they rolled it out and just left it as-is for like 10 years, focusing upgrades on urban areas. They've upgraded it to 4G over the last 4 or 5 years, skipping 3G entirely, these areas have no 3G service. Since they got pretty modern 4G equipment, they were able to software update it to 5G so they now have quite widespread 5G coverage.

Sprint tried the same strategy. They were CDMA (2G)/EVDO (3G)-based, were mid-way through rolling out LTE and did not have VoLTE running anywhere they had LTE, they were relying entirely on CDMA for voice and I think text traffic. They were planning to complete their 4G rollout in 3 or 4 years.. but since every other CDMA carrier has already gone VoLTE, there's almost no phones available with CDMA support and would have been none to buy before Sprint had finished their upgrades. T-Mobile bought them out and are rapidly deploying all that spectrum Sprint had not gotten around to lighting up yet.

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