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Network equipment lead times to remain painfully long into 2023: Gartner

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Security update 'End of Support' date dictates the lifespan for an awful lot of kit now that regulators demand security lapses be reported.

Device management of multiple vendors kit going back years is horribly complicated in any production environment, problem solving becomes a pain when something somewhere isn't working 'quite right' but has not actually failed yet. Moving kit around to optimise the port counts isn't an option in most 24/7 production settings either, the network must be built to service the organisation that pays for it, not the other way around.

These suggestions are basically going back to organically grown networks that save hardware pennies up front while loading the long term management costs, will we see a Gartner report in 18 months extolling the the virtues of network simplification to undo the damage?

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