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Bring back Windows 8

As the proud owner of a Surface Go 2 I can can only assume that no-one at Microsoft has ever actually tried to swipe up from the bottom with the keyboard attached as it is essentially impossible. Also swiping from the left shows running apps but for some unfathomable reason does not show the taskbar if auto-hidden. In any case the only sensible places to have the taskbar on a tablet are the left or right depending on your handed-ness. Then there are a load of buttons you can't remove that use up all the real estate (back, search, Cortana). I say bring back Windows 8 - it was great on the Asus tablets I used at the time. Charm bars, touch-friendly browser etc... (PS: these comments relate to Windows 10 as I haven't dared update to 11 because the taskbar is stuck at the bottom without a registry hack),

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