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Ukraine invasion may hit chip supply chain – analysts

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This stinks a bit..

It is starting to seem as if WWIII is really about China's dominance of tech.

According to an earlier story apparently three companies in Ukraine - iceblick, Ingas and Cryoin, manufacture 70% of the world's neon gas supply (I guess it leaks out of rocks there? or do they condense it out of the air with cryopumps?) and 90% of the world's semiconductor-grade neon that is needed for making the DUV and XUV excimer lasers that are used to make semiconductors.

Then last year there was a mysterious fire at ASML, and apparently a Chinese company ran off with the designs for their XUV lithography machines.

What next? Will we see European and US Cryopump manufacturers hit with "mysterious fires" and the odd "stray" missile?

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