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>not one of them answers the basic question of why the IRS thought/claimed this was necessary in the first place. People have been merrily filing their taxes online for quite a while now, why the change?

Due to the way taxes are collected in the US most people expect a modest refund after they file. Its not a whole lot of money but it represents a lucrative target for identity thieves. There's been a significant uptick of people filing fake returns using stolen IDs which are only noticed when the genuine taxpater files and is told that the IRS already has their return. Since the IRS headcount has been significantly run down over the last decade or two there isn't the resources to investigate each case so the IRS came up with the idea of using a person's face to confirm their identity.

>Also, why facial recognition, why biometrics, and in what way is having me upload a copy of an id verifying anything? Unless they are pulling the records from the state dmv/miltary id/passport databases I could upload a fake.

Heard of "Real ID"? This is sold on the notion of being a single standard for driver's licenses and the like but its really a national ID. It takes more documentation to get one than a passport.

(People in the UK are used to the idea that the government joins up the databases so that when you apply for a driver's license you can use your passport photo rather than sending in yet another picture.)

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