Reply to post: It's been b0rked for the last 18 months...

Work chat app Slack suffers services outage


It's been b0rked for the last 18 months...

... if not longer.

For some reason, it seems significantly worse when you use the mobile app, as compared to the desktop/web version.

During Christmas 2020, the app was effectively completely unusable: channels wouldn't load, messages wouldn't send - or would send, but still show up as a draft after being sent.

And the same during Christmas 2021. Which makes me think that there's some sort of bottleneck in their "app" infrastructure, which has a bad tendency to show itself over the festive holidays when a lot of people switch over to using their mobile to access Slack.

Certainly, things improved straight after the festive holidays for both 2020 and 2021.

But over the last 2 weeks, the app's performance has been rapidly deteriorating again.

And a messaging system where you can't reliably send or receive messages isn't really that useful...

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