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IBM discriminates?

Approximately 25 years ago, I was in an IBM class for a new offering IBM was about to introduce. The class was a mixture of younger System Programmers. One of the instructors commented that IBM had received many complaints from their customers that they did not like paying extra for system programmers. IBM said OK, we would create a way to install and maintain the operating system so that any programmer can install the operating system. I was (at the time approximately 45 years old and was surprised that anyone could master the installation of an MVS (before zos) system as it truly needs a good understanding of the architecture of IBM hardware and a solid understanding of the software and installation and maintenance of the OS and not to mention debugging of it.

As the class went on, I could see IBM couldn't come close to saying it had delivered what it said it could. Over the next 20 years, IBM has attempted to offer another "any" programmer who can install and maintain a Zos system. The latest delivery is another attempt to try and dumb down the highly complex duties of a systems programmer. This time IBM has upped the hidden cost" of doing this to several MIPS product that, at best, when you hit enter, you go out for lunch, and the keyboard might be unlocked.

IBM, IMO, has failed again and will not admit that it takes more than an off-the-street programmer to replace a systems programmer. IBM has set its sights on eliminating Systems Programmers that can only be replaced by education and training. For years IBM has at best a poor record of coming up with education for people who want to be better at I&M and interfacing with management. I am happy I will retire before the so-called new people come in as I have trained many a new Systems Programmer over my 45+ years.

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