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AMD, DoiT to help Google Cloud customers optimize for Epyc

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Long overdue. I'm quite impressed with the Zen-based 5900x consumer-grade processor I have. I just need to find some ECC memory compatible with the motherboard to replace what I have. I just don't trust non-ECC memory any more; I've had too many problems with the consumer stuff over the years, no matter what kind of quality or price point it was purchased at. Even top-tier providers get "iffy" as the years go by, especially under a heavy 8-core build cycle in a VM. :)

Just on a side-slam at consumer-grade stuff, I saw Kingston bragging that their sticks are 3 times as fast as SATA3. Big whoop. If I recall correctly, what I have is 6 times SATA3 speeds, and there are now 8x NvMe sticks out in the wild now (Crucial, for a price.) Of course if you have no price constraints, you can always opt for a fat Optane stick. :)

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