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Don't we all?

That said, the first 3 months with my Z-Fold 3 have been, as I believe the young people say these days, awesome.

The folded profile really only gets used for phone calls and selecting tracks on the 'music' player (currently rocking out to the Lovecraft Mysteries series from Auntie Beeb), while for everything else (videos, games, reading El Reg, and especially navigation while tunnelling up the New England Highway in search of the Alfa's next speeding fine) there's the full unfolded glory.

Samsung, though it pains me to admit, have to be congratulated both for their clever method of upsizing 3rd Party apps, and the thought they've put into making their own native apps utilise the screen real estate, especially the camera app, which gives a wide selection of shooting information and onscreen access to all the tools that are useful for a tog reduced to using a smartphone.

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