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Do you trust your provider farther than you can throw them? Cloud priorities shifting in post-COVID world – IDC

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Funny isn't it that the word "security" does not appear once in this article!!!

Many people -- CUSTOMERS of the service providers who use "the cloud" -- are convinced that the complete lack of transparency about their private data means that they have absolutely no privacy at all.

Customer -> service provider -> "cloud provider" .... and when the hack inevitably occurs .... "Who are you going to call?" ... yup.....Ghostbusters is an appropriate answer!!!

Just think....the Equifax hack allegedly exposed 143 million personal records!!

.....and this article talks about "trust", "cost", "procurement", "contracts"......while in the real world, bad actors, government snoops and commencial organisations (you know, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) are mining my personal information for profit!

I do wish El Reg would get a grip!!

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