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Face Off: IRS kills plan to verify taxpayers with facial recognition database

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I sent in my comment.

Back when they were making RFC WRT using the ID.Me site for id verification, I sent in my comment blasting it for being accessibility hostile.

I'm totally blind, there's no way in hell I can use a *video chat* bit of software: I can't see to make sure the video camera is even on, I can't see to aim it so that my face is in frame/in focus, I can't troubleshoot it if something goes TITSUP (Total Inability To Support User Photography).

"Just aim your SmartPhone at your face & we'll tell you when you're in frame." Big Red X, Wrong Answer. I have a FeaturePhone, not a SmartPhone, so I can't run your video chat app. I use a desktop with no video capability at all.

Unless you're willing to send a tech out to install, set up, configure, & teach me the use thereof of a video system on my desktop, I *can not* use the Id.Me site.

"You want the blind to use a video chat to show some random person our ID card to prove we are whom we say we are, but how can we verify THEY are whom they claim to be? For all we know we're flashing our credentials to some random crim whose managed an MITM attack on your insecure servers & is harvesting all our data for later use."

I got the auto-reply "Thank you", but that was it.

I have zero confidence in my government's ability to secure my PII. I'm not about to give it to some 3rd party that I have even *less* faith in. =-/

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