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Please beware of the likes that sell you all-natural stuff in big print. No-plastic bottle? Sure, but there may be a lot of processing and chemistry involved in getting that "It's Not-Plastic" to hold water. Whether that is environmentally friendly or economically sensible can be hard to tell because all you get is the Advertisement Information Package.

A relative, who at the time was running research in a big manufacturer of aroma and fragrances explained: "We develop all-natural processes to create all those artificial flavors, because the manufacturers want the 'all natural' label. Lot's of extra chemistry, wasted energy, and effort." That's because you have to come up with 'certified, all natural' ingredients for your chemical reactions. It's still chemistry, but you replace graphite with charcoal, ...

Most of it is a big scam and the bigger the Ad-Print, the bigger the volume of hot air that needs to be covered. Note, I don't have any particular information on Choose Packaging and maybe their technology is great. But I won't believe it until I see a deeper analysis of what they do.

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