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Sure, the James Webb Space Telescope is cool and all. But try making one out of Lego


And for your next project...

Build a fully functional space station out of LEGO, full sized, and put it in orbit.

Fill it with Human & LEGO astronaughts, send up several metric tonnes of spare bricks to use as reenforcing/repair material as well as the starter supplies for future improvements.

It will have the added benefit that air leaks can be fixed with a quick coat of wax/plastic heated to liquid, sprayed around the leak, & allowed to dry.

Just be sure to include all the LEGO Technics you'll need to make a centerfuge & the proper flush toilets inside.

*Deep breath*

AreYouDoneYet?Areyoudoneyet?Areyoudoneyet? HowAboutNow?Howaboutnow?Howaboutnow? I call shotgun! =-D

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