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Infosec big dogs break out the bubbly over UK government's latest cyber strategy emission

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

This is a "strategy"? Really?

Quote: "....The UK's legitimacy and authority as a cyber power..."

When was that?

Quote: '... to "significantly harden" public-sector security by 2025...'

Now, most of the software in the "public-sector" will be know, Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE, SolarWinds (!) and so on.

And most of the hardware in the "public-sector" will also be know, IBM, Cisco, Apple, Huawei (!) and so on.

And most of the integration is done, not by "the government", but by know, Deloitte, Accenture, Capita (!) and so on.

.....which leaves me with a question....

Quote: "... plugs the National Cyber Security Centre into other infosec bodies within government: the Central Digital and Data Office and the Government Security Group..."

Who thinks that three (three!) government groups are capable of coordinating ANYTHING AT ALL (see above)? ...never mind a so-called "strategy"!

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