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I doubt it is only about that rather modest tax. The new fabs are just outside Columbus Ohio, home of Ohio State which is one of the largest AAU accredited (i.e. top research) universities in the country, so a good pipeline of smart people to work there.

It also makes sense to geographically diversify, and with their current fab locations in the west (Oregon, Arizona) where a massive drought and wildfires have raged and climate change only makes more likely, and where land and housing prices are higher, moving to the eastern half of the US made sense.

Plus I'm sure that the 30 years of tax credits Ohio is offering topped the giveaways by most other states, so we'll have to find out the details to compare with the number employed and average salary to see whether it is actually the state of Ohio spending $20 billion on the fab rather than Intel. Combined with the funds from the federal government, Intel may be getting paid to build their fab there!

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