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Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court

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Well, I agree on the Andrew case. Apparently he is not a decent human being, but where the purported crimes were committed should determine the age of consent (or at least where she was living at the time, presuming she was flown as claimed), not the age of consent in the state where the charges were filed.

Lacking a federal agreement on age of consent in the US, that issue should not have any federal "teeth" for the extradition in the first place.

Still, I can't say that a have much respect for any of the "royal" family except the Queen. She is the only one to carry herself with dignity and aplomb; the others are constantly making spectacles of themselves with their antics of the rich and famous... largely the same reason I have no respect for our politicians in any nation. They're not in touch with any normal citizen's "reality", hold themselves above the law and regulations, and constantly have their hands in the taxpayers' cookie jars.

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