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More contractor pain: Parasol's sister firms, SJD Accountancy and Nixon Williams, confirm cyberattack

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Anonymous Coward

Any TheRegister reader who has used Parasol, Nixon Williams, SJD or other Parasol companies knows that the service has gone down the toilet in recent years.

This cyber attack is of no surprise to anybody who has worked on good cloud deployments. The VC group that runs Parasol companies doesn't care about appropriate security for the cloud instance. Basic security steps weren't followed. All parasol companies were dumped in to one cloud instance and two VPCs. Best practice guidance was not followed.

If these companies go bust then it will be doing the accounting world a favour. If you want confirmation then go visit and look at reviews of these companies. Their IT and staff have been performing very badly for a long time. Once good companies have been destroyed. This hack is the nail in the coffin.

Good luck to all staff and start job hunting now. Existing customers can jump ship to other umbrellas and accounting companies.

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