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This case is about : did Autonomy falsely and knowingly misreport the company growth and financials that attracted HP in the first place.

For the sake of argument, lets take this as being 100% truth, which I doubt it is.

Form the start of bartering (maybe 4500 years ago or more), absolutely everyone selling something presents it as something worth [A] when it is most probably worth [B] which equals [A*0.85].

From used cars, to houses, to sex, etc., etc., etc.

We've all been there at some time or another.

This to the extent that many oriental cultures consider it a must.

You have to barter.

When the bartering starts, you call in your trusted advisors (in this case HPs CFO and Deloitte) and get an evaluation of [A] and from there a reasonable value for [B].

But Deloitte fucked up royally and the CFO caved in and went along, apparently under protest.

Deloitte got off the hook by returning what were probably the consultation fees and some document saying that they did nothing wrong.

In another life I had the opportunity to, as a junior needing temporary office space, share said space with some of these Deloiite types while at work.

I'm certain they fucked up somewhere, maybe even knowingly.

The 15 heavyweight legal firms/banks advising HP on the deal got off scott free.

None of them (15 in all) saw a red light anywhere.

Morons maybe?

And the HPs shareholders who objected and sued got a deal for pocket money which obviously came out of their own dividends pot.

And it turns out that Lynch is actually the guilty party?

This is all a sad and tragic charade but no one in the public makes the right questions.


Just whose 8.8 billion worth of moolah did HP happily flush down the toilet?

Why does no one point fingers at those really responsible?

And then there's (by this time) the absurd delay in the High Court Judgement.

I really hope they leave Lynch alone.


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