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Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court

Charlie Clark Silver badge

That's a very poor comparison both of the cases and the proceedings. With Assange, it would have been best had he been extradited to face trial in Sweden for statutory rape. This would have dimmed his saintly nimbus somewhat.

It seems very much like due process to wait for the judgement. But it's probably also worth pointing out that the US is, as so often, playing fast and loose with extraterritoriality in general and extradition in particular: the US never extradites its own citizens.

To throw in my own bit of false equivalence: the current civil case against Prince Andrew is one of the biggest incidences of legal hypocrisy imaginable: the age of consent in many US states is less than 16 but I don't see many attempts to get trials moved from Tennessee or Texas moved to New York state. Not that I'm sticking up for Prince Andrew, I just don't think that particular case has much merit and certainly doesn't deserve the coverage it gets.

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