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HP has to get the money that they spent on Autonomy back somehow don't they eh?

HP was once a great company. They cared for their customers and staff. Then... Carly and friends arrived. I saw it disintegrate from the inside. I got out in 1997 but because of their purchases, I was back a few years later. The place was overrun with boot lickers and bean counters.

I don't trust the US Gubbermint. Millions of $$$$ in campaign donations has ensured that the right people are in the right jobs in DC. While Lynch is a shyster sending him across the pond will result in him being fined a few hundred million and spending 110 years in jail. All because the idiots at HP and their advisors didn't do their due diligence properly.

The USA does not have a justice system. It has an injustice system. After all, how can so many politicians who are lawyers pass so many useless laws?

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