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Currently working somewhere that is a big user of MS and One Drive. If you combine it with the web version of Office then it’s a new dimension in annoying. You can’t open files for those ‘applications’ unless they’re on One Drive. Also I found that my one drive was filling up with book1 through to book 999. I was used to opening a blank excel spreadsheet every time I needed to do a quick but complicated sum. Wouldn’t save the spreadsheet just close it when done. IT support bloke who is fixing an unrelated issue says he’s never seen so many spreadsheets from one person. It’s then I discover that I’m on book 200 and something,

Also Outlook for web usually wants to share a link to files on my One Drive. I hate doing that for various reasons and I’d rather send a copy. One bloke shared a link to an important file on his One Drive rather than a copy of this document. Sadly he didn’t give anyone the rights to access that file and had gone on holiday. He thought he’d sent a copy and had no idea that we were without access to it.

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