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icloud does the magic 'store it in the cloud, erase it from my device from time to time without telling me, can't force a sync, need internet to get it' game

Not if you turn off iCloud Drive and OneDrive.

I'm preparing to switch all of my machines (PC/Mac/Linux; iCloud on Mac/iOS, OneDrive on PCs) to NextCloud to regain control over my data. The migration plan for each machine is:

- Copy all $CLOUD drive contents to external HD, so I'm 100% sure I have local copies.

- Shut off $CLOUD drive sync & reboot.

- Verify local file repo contents against the external HD, repopulate as needed.

- Enable cloud(ish) backup for NextCloud.

Hoped-for result: proper cross-platform backup, sync, and sharing, where I control both the client and the server. NextCloud testing went well, so I'm optimistic.

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