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Pony Ma tells employees Tencent is ordinary and replaceable in company meeting

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Sounds like a hostage video

He's clearly been beaten into submission.

Can you imagine the CEO of Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon or Intel standing up on a stage and telling employees "We aren't doing anything anyone else can't do. All our products and people are replaceable and nothing special. Now go out there and be ordinary, and don't rock the boat!"

I think the days of worrying that Chinese companies will move into the western world and push out western ones are over. Western companies may be selling Chinese made products (at least until that gets expensive enough they offshore to somewhere cheaper) but Chinese companies will not be making the big leaps into new product categories.

You can't change the course of an industry or create one like the iPhone or Facebook or eBay or etc. etc. with conformist thinking and fear of risk taking.

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