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Avira also mines imaginary internet money on customers' PCs



Allowing a (AV) corporate to parasitically do other work on your PC/laptop ... why would you?

1. Desktop/laptops are not optimised for 'coin mining, and will only do so very inefficiently. The AV companies are saving themselves the cost of running their own (efficient) mining operation in a bit-barn, and passing N x the cost on to AV end users. Gee thanks!

2. With energy costs on the rise, and predicted to increase by another 50% this year, do we really want to be be funding this?

3. Erm ... aren't we supposed to be concerned about conserving energy ..... you know, climate change and all that?

4. Can we trust their job engine to _only_ run the code they claim it runs? How would we know otherwise ( ha! install another AV product alongside!) ?

Best to swerve past this stuff, IMHO.

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