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"Who hasn't???"

Indeed. I went from AVG, dumped it after it flagged a then Win XP lib as malware, moved it to quarantine, and made sure XP would never boot again. Costed me one full day re-installing all the OS and fancy app for one of my neighbour, who happened to be blind, hence the fancy apps.

Then, I was using Avast for years, had to work through the constant nagging and all of a sudden, realized its agent was eating 100% of my internet bandwidth without any action on any device !


At work, there is Mc Afee, which has a nice feature: it WILL NEVER detect anything wrong. I've even tried to throw some known virus to it, it won't even move an elbrow !


I had to go through the Norton pain for some neighbours. Now, spotting anything with "Norton" in its name triggers the knee jerk move of clicking uninstall instantly. Cos it's shite.

Now, I'm on Avira but wondering, given this article, what good free AV regtards are using ...

Anything good ?

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