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GCHQ was rebuked for ignoring spy law safeguards as pandemic hit Britain

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More of the Same Guarantees More of the Same. Time for an Intelligent Fortunate Exchange.

The abiding problem which just keeps on giving continual strife and bankrupting disorder is the mad decision and pathetic compliance which has resulted in the likes of a MI5, MI6, GCHQ and A.N.Others who really should know better and more, not constantly comprehensively monitoring and mentoring publicly elected members of Parliament and their guaranteed to be well enough paid from the bottomless public purse, Civil Service Servers and Servants, who might appear to imagine and protest that they are subject to some sort of crown type immunity from such intelligent monitoring activity thus to confuse them into thinking they can act with impunity and escape accountability and responsibility for all manner of crimes and misdemeanours whereas the reality is that to pay them peanuts begets monkeys only fit for the jungle and a life indebted to behaving like primitive gibbering baboons.

The SMARTR Future demands most everything be at least different, and ideally a great deal better too than anything either recently or currently presented for thoughtless acceptance via remote virtual delivery with attractive stealthy instruction sets. Don’t stand in ITs Way or try to block any of ITs Paths is sound advice if one wants and deserves to survive and prosper rather than perish and fade away into the lonely darkness of interminable nights.

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