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French tech giant Atos issues second profit warning in 7 months



That honestly kind of sucks. I work for a rather large notebook, desktop and workstation OEM doing hardware break/fix, and a lot of the larger businesses that have the expensive contracts with us use Atos as their client support vendor. Compared to the other big ones like Capgemini, DXC, Deloitte, and Infosys, I actually like talking to the Atos techs, they're usually pleasant, professional, well spoken even if English isn't their native language, and do most troubleshooting before calling us, and they're almost always willing to do whatever (even if it sounds pointless) to get their end users up and running again. They don't generally push back except for things that I agree are clearly very unlikely and/or stupid or have already been answered in whatever process flow.

I've been in this business long enough that I know what'll probably happen here, they'll start cutting employees and compensation, people will start leaving and they'll wind up being like most of DXC (pissed off all the time and very clearly unhappy with their jobs) within a year or two. I wish this wasn't as predictable as it is.

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