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GCHQ was rebuked for ignoring spy law safeguards as pandemic hit Britain

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Quote: "...will be forced to delete..."

Ah....I've heard this one before....."delete" what exactly?

.....the "ordinary man in the street" reads this and thinks that the live data (in a master database) will be gone.

.....but fails to realise a number of worrying salient facts:

1. Probably not one database....probably many databases, some of which are small fragments held on thousands of departmental servers and PCs

2. And that in turn means that there are also thousands of BACKUPS of all this stuff.

3. So....the spooks clean up one central database as best they can......and probably EVERYTHING is still available somewhere!

4. And of course there is no INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION that the so called "delete" is done either.

Quote (William Burroughs): "The paranoid is a person who knows a little of what is going on"

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