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Would you buy a "cloud solution" from this person? Maybe not!

Quote: "....networks can deploy hundreds of access gateways around radio towers instead of adding a few large boxes..."

Quote: "....the impact of component failure is limited: only the UEs served by a given access gateway are impacted...."


So......I'm in the middle of restoring a backup from "the cloud" and the local connection to "the cloud" is disrupted........I'm still screwed!!

Not only that, my local restore image is most likely screwed as well. say "the impact of component failure is limited".....doesn't do me any good at all!!

So tell me.......why is "the cloud" any improvement at all over more traditional approaches? Once upon a time, most of the risk factors WERE IN MY SCOPE TO MANAGE!!! In this scenario, I have NO CONTROL over network availability, no control over "cloud availability".........

....and when things go t*ts up, I don't know who to call or who is responsible for fixing the failure.

Now tell me that this "cloud" solution is worth buying! Sorry.....I really don't think so!!!

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