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India’s competition regulator launches probes into Apple over App Store fees and access

Pascal Monett Silver badge

"[Apple] resists changes to its business practices"

Oh that it does, but that wall will crumble. The more countries call Apple's position into question, the more trouble it will have ignoring the issue.

And please, your online souk is not comparable to real-world resellers. The one major, vastly important difference is that you don't need to restock. You have one item, and you sell it and resell and resell it again and again and again. The other difference is that you don't know shoplifting, which is a clear budget line in the real world.

So, based on these two differences alone, you have no right to claim a 30% fee.

Then there's the fact that you serve millions with one store and a handful of personnel. If you had to box those apps and sell them on shelves, you would have to have thousands of stores, with the buildings and personnel count that would be associated to them, not to mention supply line costs.

So really, your argument is pure hogwash.

But hey, we know all about your Reality Distortion Field. Enjoy it while it still lasts.

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