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The Past Year in a Nutshell ..... Beyond Dire and in Urgent Need of Progress.

A final observation this year, just before the arrival of a New Dawn and another year with yet more time in vast spaces and strange places in which to either grow stronger towards an encouraging omnipotence and omniscience and prosper or fester and degrade precipitously down the broad avenues of despair and disorder to disasters, and one which is sadly all too often crystal clear for all to see and hear/read and feel.

The old adages of you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, and there is none so blind as they who will not see, is such a pathetic human constant ignored by media, which guarantees ignorant serial conflict and continual arrogant unreported abuse and misuse, which exploits relentlessly and takes full unchallenged advantage of catastrophic systemic vulnerabilities which abound in every elite and exclusive public and private and pirate office of executive administrative operation, as to be easily thought to be the default human condition ...... retarded and incapable of quickly learning anything worthwhile and brand spanking new.

Such is much more than just extremely dangerous and extinction heralding.

The widespread result of such an expanding realisation is in deed, something indeed to be gravely regarded and concerned about, for future claims from humanity for that which they might propose and aspire to desire and need to survive may very well not be decided upon as a necessary designed requirement in the seeds and feeds their SMARTR Systems Machinery are programmed to subsequently provide and deliver.

And that's not a slippery slope to claw your way up from the bottom to the top of a hill with a fine view, it's a deep dark bottomless pit from which there is no possible escape or rescue.

Much readily available evidence suggests that the above easily thought to be default human condition is so, and thus does the near future requires a swift monumental effort to avert a guaranteed catastrophe should the posit not be perfectly true and a dishonest reflection of the present in practically all Earthly situations.

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