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Nvidia says its SmartNICs sizzled to world record storage schlepping status

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The wheel turns..

30 years ago, the processing for things like Modems, Network cards and even laser printers was handled on the device. Then, to reduce the number of parts, and therefore, the cost, they moved most of the processing for these devices to the computer's CPU, leaving the device fairly dumb.

The same applies to some extent to Audio and Video, but for a long time, users in those spaces have had the option of using the onboard chipsets for low end stuff, and cards or even external adaptors (using USB, Thunderbolt or whatever) for high end needs.

Of course, for low end uses such as printing, using a modem etc, the devices didn't put much of a load on the CPU, even NICs with 10 or 100Mbs networking.

Now, we come full circle, with devices doing as much of their own processing as possible, to reduce the load on the CPU(s).

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