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I think in principle it's exactly the kind of thing Rivet Networks did just at a different scale. I remember the Killer NIC, it was marketed to gamers; it would bypass Windows' TCP/IP stack in favor of handling that on the card, plus it had like FTP and bittorrent apps that could run on the card. But it was pricey, and the NIC was gigabit, but if you had any normal internet connection (this was 15 years ago), how much CPU time does it take to handle like 10mbps anyway?

Now, there's two factors on this current stuff. 1) These hyperscalers are going for the "mainframe model", leaving the CPUs free to compute with IO processors handling disk I/O, network I/O, etc. as much as possible. If you're running 100gbps the traditional way that'll keep several CPUs very busy just handling interrupts and whatever. 2) Running some traditional router functionality on there, they may be able to buy very expensive NICs in lieu of even more expensive switches and routers.

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