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short on job knowledge

If you work at an immigration law firm, shame on you for your lack of knowledge on this topic.

- On the very paperwork for an H1 is employer attesting that they tried to recruit US workers.

- There is no limit on the number of H1-B visas, due to exemptions for hires in Medicine, Gov, Ed and Research. And transfers. And anyone with a green card application pending.

- Employment based green cards are a fixed number per year, and a fixed number per nationality of the applicant. There is a significant backlog for those from India (though many of them have their names in multiple queues - employment, family, etc.) and a smaller backlog for those from China. And that is due to both's racist use of H1 for hiring only compatriots.

- The legal requirement to pay prevailing wage is irrelevant, a) as what is "prevailing" in the nation is not what's prevailing wage in major metros NYC, SF, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, etc. and b) they aren't here for work and money, they're here for a shot at a green card and won't be ringing DOL when they're ripped off.

The only stop to this extensive fraud is: H1, 1 year, no renewals, no transition to green card queue, and pay is made to gov, who issues pay to the H1. Truly "temporary", truly "expert". No *good* reason for letting industry have control over US' immigration.

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