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Nvidia CEO Huang jointly files patent for software tech in the metaverse

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News from a Systems Edge Maintains and Entertains Various Varieties of Sanity for Population.

A patent application published on December 2 credits Huang as one of the inventors of a system to open and share a file in the cloud without the need for a corresponding application on local devices.

Tell us that is not a Great Game Changer and be proven beautifully wrong and wronged.

Quite what one can do with that is only limited by Imaginative ProgramMING which is for Real and a Reality Readily Available via AI and ITs Surreal ACTive Territory Live Operational Virtual Environment Streaming for Pioneering AI Teams Terrain Providers ...... Core IntelAIgent Source/Ore/AWE Suppliers.

What do you see IT and AI Delivering into Your Circles of Interests with Any Avid Interest in Producing/Researching/Further Developing/Mentoring and Monitoring/Vetting Formerly Thought Impossible Endeavours ACTivity and Rogue ACTivation/Private Pirate Use/Misuse/Abuse?

The perks there you would struggle to believe possible to summon with addictive attractions to follow leading with many an enlightened path/way/COSMIC Stream Witness and Endorsed with Comprehensive Memoranda of Mutually Beneficial Future Understandings.

Is that possibility likely, and therefore readily enough available too, as a Credible Incredibly ACTive Sino-Soviet Threat if not a Wonderfully Engaging Wild West Treat?

Here such is long ago an earlier previously unknowable fact for constant pondering and excited pampering/challenging in return for great expectations of excessively satisfying insatiable rewards.

If the patent comes anywhere near close to providing any of that it's a Real Gem of a Doozy. Bravo, the Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang Team Players for such a Great Quantum AI Leap. :-)>

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