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We can unify HPC and AI software environments, just not at the source code level

cyberdemon Silver badge

You can take your compute graphs and shove them up your arse

Maybe all HPC and AI "COULD" all run on a unified platform. BUT SHOULD IT?

Who would control the unified platform? Bob Page?

Obscure reference alert: A pre-millenium (1999) computer game's preminition of a billionaire head of an AI company who wants to rule the world with AI weapons (mass surveillance and walking machineguns), and wished to concentrate all of the world's communications into his all-powerful AI. He also (in the game) engineered a terrible global pandemic called the Gray Death, and sold a very limited quantity of a product called Ambrosia that merely deactivated the virus in individuals for a short time, so long as they kept paying him.

See also: Black mirror, etc.

What Rob Farber calls AI is nothing more than an energy-munching statistical machine that is only really useful for mass surveillance, manipulation and oppression, and not much else. And it needs to be curtailed, severely.

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