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Is it just me ?

or is Rust just trying too hard - it wants to join the party it's knocking on the door and nobody's answering.

From what I see, the biggest issue with Rust is the evangelical zeal of its proponents/proselytisers. It's a solution looking for a problem and they are trying to push it everywhere. Unfortunately when you try pushing and over hyping stuff, people just turn off and reject your advances. I'd far rather see a language just creep up on us and discover it was brilliant for a particular task and be adopted than be lectured to by a bunch of wannabes trying to be the next big thing because they've nailed themselves to the floor and they want you to do the same.

Yes, you probably can't compile something that's not safe but you can still compile flawed logic and no amount of language design is going to cater for developers (and we're all capable of it - no matter how good we are) getting the logic wrong so Rust really doesn't add a lot.

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