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China to upgrade mainstream RISC-V chips every six months


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Couldn't agree with you more !!

If only some were interested is more the point and how different would this be then

Sad to think that before them is the one single opportunity to combine talent , learning and development yet so many lies , so much distrust and so much abuse in every country

What a great shame we don't have what most elect and appoint as supposedly people whom you can trust top or bottom and how little do they ever pay regard or listen to anyone at all

Is it any great surprise that society has become what it is now and yet there sint one who could ever think about the real benefits of true knowledge and how to use without causing the anguish and suffering that always seem to achieve rather than utilise this to benefit and create professionals

Its seems to me that the ideology is not about wanting to learn to achieve but rather how to use to destroy rather than create

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