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Cuba ransomware gang scores almost $44m in ransom payments across 49 orgs, say Feds

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I'll agree with this. Decades of American embargoes have let to the general inability of Cubans to get modem products. From televisions to cars, they operate years to decades in the past.

Yet somehow we are supposed to believe that enough of this population have access to computers, in order to learn their intrinsic operations, then enough of a percentage of these individuals go rouge and form a criminal malware enterprise, with control servers and all??

Really? I've got several bridges to sell you over several famous rivers, too.

If this indeed an attack based in Cuba, I more readily believe a state-backed program. Otherwise, I suspect that the Cuba link is just that, a link in the network server chain that leads back to a society with greater every day, every man access to the levels of technology and know-how to pull this off convincingly.

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