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Still contains some Googliness

"It's looking at what people are doing, and I don't think we have any business with collecting information about what people are doing." - While their pro-privacy stance is highly commendable, be aware that out of the box Vivaldi still comes with quite a lot of dubious Google-powered "services" switched on by default, that you'll need to go into the settings and disable if you want to reduce Evil G's data slurping. And, as far as I know, Vivaldi will still do nothing to stop all those dubious Google (etc) domains that too many site 'developers' just love to drag in by the shedload...

It's a useful backup browser for when you encounter those occasional randomly visited sites for which trying to reconfigure NoScript enough to make them usable in Firefox is just too much hassle, but, despite Firefox's ongoing Project Uglification, Firefox, and its array of essential add-ons, is still the browser for me.

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