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I've noticed a tendency for Micros~1 applications to "spin" - i.e. 100% CPU utilization while waiting for stuff to happen, since the Win-10-nic beta. It seems to be most prominent when run in a VM. I think this has never been properly fixed. Worth noting, Win NT 4 in a VM spins at 100% continuously, and I think 2k does also, but XP and later do not.

Aside from those observations, if the CPU utiliztion is pegged at 100% expect:

a) no clock throttling to lower CPU power requirement

b) lousy 'idle mode' processing

c) background things not being scheduled often enough

d) fan stays on or cycles on/off way too much

conclusion; not good for battery capacity

If I am right, some coder needs to fix his code to do more intelligent thread handling and NOT spin/poll on any shared object without inserting a time delay that guarantees the CPU will briefly enter an 'idle' state.

'Teams' apparently falls in the same trap, if I read the tea leaves correctly.

(good luck getting them to fix it)

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