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Generally that's true of most heavy DB apps, you need to move as close as possible when you have very high transactions rates or recode to batch things better.

A 25 year DBA the most common mistake I see is people simply think they can move a DB anywhere they like but they never, ever check the work profile characteristics. Often find badly coded apps are processing commits on almost every every transaction by default 'cos the dev got paranoid about losing data. You might get away with it if you're lucky but the DB suffers badly 'cos every commit causes disk block writes to DB logging process, which is usally serial and single threaded! So they move the DB into some cloud or external data centre and next thing the one thing no one latency kicks on hard with every single little peep between the app and the DB taking 2-3 times longer minimum, the app then grinds to a halt 'cos it's so damned chatty.

PHBs and devs who don't read the real info blinded by PR bullshit about "Cloud is always better....well 'cos it cloud innit!".

Saw this happen only a month ago, people will never learn. Still shouldn't complain, every cock up like this keeps fattening up the pensions of DBAs! ha ha!

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