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"Chat" is a good addition to the communications tool bag but I think the biggest problem is people use it wrong.

If you've got a quick question you need to know the answer to now, then by all means ping me with it. If the answer is quick and simple I'll tell you. If it's not, then I'm going to call you and give you the answer. If you've got queries to my quick answer then you should phone me, not post reams of text into the chat, which then leads to the aforementioned 10 hour chat.

If it's more involved than a quick question then call me. If you don't need to know then send me an email and I'll get round to it.

I think with IP telephony (which is good) and many people now having no desk phone (or desk for that mater!), people forget they can just use their computer to call, and fall back on chat.

And then people perpetually complain that they get too many emails and so ignore everything. Hence pushing people to chat to get a response.

It's chat all the down..

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