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I have kicked my chatting addiction in '97

In 1997, for a glorious three weeks, I had a twenty hour a day chatting addiction.

Then, I had a long look at my life, and stopped chatting. Turned around, walked away, did not look back.

Ever since then, when a workplace tried to force me to use instant messaging to drag out a five minute voice conversation into a ten hour chat session, I told them that I was a recovered addict, much better now thank you, and making me chat would be a health and saftey issue, best avoided.

Funny, is it not, back in the 1950s two of the most powerful words were "Nuclear Weapons", but this century, some of us have managed to weaponise "Health & Safety" to a higher degree.

Chatting is an incredible time waster, and it boggles the mind why corporates would allow it anywhere near the workplace.

When I am supreme being, instant messaging programs will be first against the wall...

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