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"November 2021 marked the moment when all new Android 11+ apps in Play Store using the microSd card must take a 10x to 10000x performance penalty. A really fast 1TB card is reduced to a few IOPS by Google's SAF."

The whole "don't use a SD card, use internal storage" thing is a huge turn off for me. I've been fighting it since they first started down this path with various hacks. It's stupid and just adds to the frustrations in trying to choose a new phone these days. The phone makers/OS are going backwards IMHO and I don't give a flip about making it lighter/thinner anymore. Give back my 3.5 jack and removable SD/Battery yah bastards!

Not certain which alternative to go with these days, not sure I want to fight the fiddle bits to keep something running once it's installed. The whole 'smart phone' world has gone mad as far as I'm concerned.

Every time I even consider Apple/IOS they come along and do something stupid / lock in to the walled garden even more so it's all a bitter pill.

*Old man yells at clouds while fumbling with his S5 that's still running but on borrowed time.

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