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Lloyd's of London suggests insurers should not cover 'retaliatory cyber operations' between nation states

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As expected

Any excuse to avoid a payout for insurance companies, par for the course.

(caveat there are lots of insurance types vehicle, cycle, house, personal indemnity, insurance for specific high value items etc. these are just some broad points, may not apply to all insurance types)

.. Dig out any insurance policies you may have, look through the exceptions, you may be surprised at what's excluded.

.. Look for max payouts for various items (unless specifically named and given a value of part of policy setup) - your expensive kit may essentially be insured for peanuts.

.. if your insurance still has an act of god clause then its really bad.

.. See what "excess" you have to pay regardless, look at implications of losing any no claims bonuses etc.

.. If insurance is for something that may appreciate in value (e.g. house) - chances are the insurance value will stay the same, onus will be on you to reinsure if there's a house price boom & you can easily end up under insured.

.. Chances are you will find something, somewhere where you are getting stiffed (in a bad way) by an insurer.

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