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IDE in the cloud is not quite killer app... yet

I like the idea of a whole development environment in the cloud but the difficult bit isn't the IDE or code share or even paired programming (most IDEs have that now and you don't need cloud for it). It's attaching to and interactively debugging your code while it's running. Sure, your debug environment could be in containers now but that kube config is finicky even when running locally. Running that same config on someone else's IDE-cloud-platform and making it play nice with the IDE isn't quite there. They require port forwarding through the thin client to your local machine. So, it's not completely dev-in-the-cloud. Not yet, anyway. Those are just technical things that eventually get ironed out.

It's good that VSCode has some competition but that competition is going to need to be open source, not for the ability to fork but to be seen to be developing in the open rather than behind closed doors.

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